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15000㎡ Custom supervised warehouse ,including 8 warehouses for goods storage, 4 3- ton small forklifts, 1 7-ton forklifts, 1 10-ton forklift and a platform 42- ton heavy boxes forklift KARLMA, enough  workers , monitoring and Real-time inquiry systems, to provide perfect CFS service to our clients.

Heavy container storage
7,000 ㎡ Custom supervised warehousing, a 42- ton heavy boxes KARLMA forklift, a 10-ton forklifts, and a 7-ton forklift.  Equipped with security  and monitoring systems, there are sufficient   facilities to provide customers with Heavy container storage service.

(Un)Loading of irregularly or weighted cargos
Providing (Un)Loading of irregularly or weighted packages, and the special containers mainly covers  FR and OT .After several years’ service, we have accumulated considerable experience and can best meet customer’s needs

General  Product  Container loading
As the main project of our depot ,it includes LCL, FCL logistics services. In addition, We  do especially well in packing steel cargo.
With enough working experience ,plenty well-trained staffs, we can ensure that goods will be turnover and transported accurately, safely and efficiently.

Warehousing &distributing
Jindu has 8 warehouses for goods storage, they cover 8000 ㎡.Besides ,we also supply  customers with distributing service to enable warehousing logistics be the most trustable part of the supply chain.

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